How to Get More Women on TEDx Stages

Do you have an idea the world needs to know about?

As we edge toward Thanksgiving, if you are anything like me, you may be starting to reflect on this past year – your accomplishments, your relationships, what worked, what didn’t, what you can do better next time, the lessons you learned, and what you are grateful for.

I’m proud to share that in 2015, I accomplished two of my longtime goals: 1) I published my first book and became a bestselling author; and 2) I spoke on the TEDx stage.

These were goals that I had in my mind for a few years, but they were “lingering” goals. In other words, I wasn’t taking concrete action on them for a long time. Have you had any of those?

I had fear. I had self-doubt. I had overwhelm.

I had all of these things that stop so many of us women in our tracks.  All of these things that keep us from using our voice and becoming the leaders that we know deep inside we are meant to be.

After much suffering, finally, I decided to take action.

What motivated me?

Quite frankly, the state of our world.

The recent massacre in Paris is no exception. This total disregard for human life has come from a culture, community and organization that oppresses the voices, bodies and creative intelligence of the feminine. As horrifying and disheartening as this terrorism is, please allow this tragedy to fuel your voice even more. Do not be silenced.

The world needs more feminine voices in power and leadership, particularly thought leadership — shaping the cultural zeitgeist, attitudes and public policies. We have to take the risk. We have to find the courage.

I know it’s scary. But it’s time.

Out of a deep commitment to this, I’m making it a priority to get more women up on the TEDx stage, just like I recently was, to grow the thought leadership of women.

As a female entrepreneur, artist, changemaker and/or emerging thought leader, delivering a TEDx talk is an incredible vehicle for you to build your brand, spread your message and share what matters to you most.

It is also an incredible vehicle for you to make a difference in our world and to shift some of the horrors we grow weary of seeing on the news.

So, I’ll ask you again: Do you have an idea the world needs to know about?

Whether you are 100 percent clear on your idea, or you just have a feeling that there’s something you need to say from the stage, I’ve got an exciting opportunity for you.

Today I am officially announcing the launch of Your TEDx Talk Program: an 8-week course for women aspiring to speak on the TEDx stage.


Right now there is a glaring gender disparity on TEDx stages. Women account for only 15 to 20 percent of the featured speakers. That means that less than 20 percent of our ideas are being heard (and 80 percent of men’s voices are being heard).

Think about how that affects what we think is important. Think about how that affects what we deem valuable. Think about how that affects cultural attitude, public policy and the law.

This is my work now. I know what it takes to get there. I know how important it is. And I know that there are many of you who read this blog who should be up there on that TEDx stage, sharing your voice and your ideas.

I believe that simply stepping onto the TEDx stage as a woman is an “idea worth spreading.”

What do you say? Are you with me?

Let’s make this world a better place. Let’s bring your feminine voice onto the TEDx stage and into thought leadership. Let’s start now.


Tabby Biddle, M.S.Ed., is a leading voice and advocate for advancing women’s leadership and the human rights of women and girls. She is the author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller, Find Your Voice: A Woman’s Call to Action, now available in paperback. Watch her recent TEDx talk on Activating Women’s Leadership.