Start-Up Secrets for Women Over 40

Do you feel like you’re following your calling and doing the work only you can do? 

Do you want to spend the second half of your life creating a legacy you’re proud of…but are struggling with where to start?

You may have an inner knowing that your ideas, desires, and talents matter…but you don’t know how to transform them into a career and life that nourishes you.

Maybe you’re afraid. Maybe you think it’s too late, that if you didn’t start following your true purpose at twenty, you missed your chance.

Let me be the first to tell you: none of those limiting beliefs are true.

Everything you’ve learned up to now MATTERS. It’s going to make everything you pursue more powerful, more important, and more necessary in the lives of all the people you can touch with your work.

So, let’s talk about how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

In fact, let’s have lots of conversations…19 to be exact.

I’m honored to share with you this first-ever virtual summit created for women 40+, where 19 entrepreneurs will be sharing their essential business start-up secrets for women over forty who want to build and grow a purpose-driven business and life.

(My husband and I are two of the entrepreneurs.)

Startup Secrets for Women
I’ll be speaking about “Finding Your Voice.” Did you notice there are also two male speakers here? My husband is one of them. He’ll be talking about “Crowdfunding for Entrepreneurs.” Very cool.

We’re going to be talking about everything from business strategies and legalities to building tribes, finding your voice, and creating a legacy that matters.

Know you NEED this training?

Reserve your FREE spot right here.

My friend and colleague, Mary Collier, has brought together these 18 master teachers who have built businesses from scratch, taught women how to be better leaders, and have gone through all the challenges of being an entrepreneur. Mary is a leading business coach for women 40+ and the author of the bestselling book, A Woman’s Quest for Clarity.

Created with the 40+ woman in mind, every single one of the speakers is going to speak to your unique gifts, situation and challenges.

There is going to be A LOT of wisdom in this 4-day virtual summit…and it’s all for FREE. And it’s all for YOU.

Happening October 20th – October 23rd, this complimentary virtual four-day live summit is going to be a can’t-miss event full of practical advice and the encouragement you need.

Grab your spot here.

If you’re ready to start building the life and career you’ve always dreamed about, this virtual event is going to give you the tools you need to build it.

I’ll see you there!

Tabby Biddle, M.S.Ed., is a women’s rights advocate, writer and leadership coach, specializing in helping women find their voice. She is the author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller, Find Your Voice: A Woman’s Call to Action, now available in paperback. Get your copy here.