Summer Goddess Salon in Los Angeles

Do you feel a desire to explore your creative expression and your potential as an artist? Have you been feeling called to creatively express yourself in more public platforms, but haven’t been sure to where (and maybe even how) to do that? Would you like to have a safe and loving space to explore, experiment and expand into your creative expression and unleash your feminine artistry on stage? 

Welcome to the Summer Goddess Salon, hosted by the Los Angeles Goddess Collective. This is a space for you get creatively inspired, activated and liberated.

Like most women, you were probably not taught to look at your feminine artistry and creative expression as powerful forces for social and political change.

In fact, you may have even been belittled or mocked for your effusive creative expressions as a young girl, been taught not to trust your creative impulses, or had your creativity “educated” out of you.

When you feel the creative spark now, you may question it, silence it, or even belittle it yourself. This is a definite setback for your confidence, your leadership and greater agency in the world.

As women, we express our wisdom, values and vision for the world not only through speech and logic, but through every form of creative expression, such as dance, movement, song, chant, music, spoken word, art, poetry, storytelling, ritual, creative writing, videos, film making, and so much more.

Our artistry is how we express ourselves from the deepest levels of our soul. Our artistry is how we liberate our voices and our bodies from patriarchal-induced silencing and shaming. Our artistry is our pathway to freedom.

It is through our creative expression and artistry that we give birth to feminine consciousness on the planet. 

Come dive in at the Summer Goddess Salon on Friday, July 24th where we will be dedicating the evening to your feminine artistry and creative expression.

This evening is an offering for you to move through any fears you have around creatively expressing yourself in public. It is also an invitation for those of you who already identify as artists to explore or experiment with a new piece. And finally, it is an invitation for those of you who need some creative inspiration, to come get inspired!

For this special evening, we are inviting you to be witnessed in your creative expression – all in the loving container of the Goddess Collective Sisterhood.

Each woman will have up to 5 minutes for her creative expression presentation.

We invite you to reserve your space as one of these women, if you:

  • Are feeling a deep yearning to share your truth through your creative expression.
  • Wish to feel more courageous and confident about expressing yourself in public.
  • Want to activate your creative expression as an integral part of your leadership and agency in the world.
  • Are an artist and want to explore and experiment with something new.
  • Desire to make an offering to the Goddess, to your Sisters, and to humanity.
  • Simply feel a “yes.”

To reserve your space as one of the Artists, RSVP here. Then email the following information to tabby@tabbybiddle with the subject line, GODDESS SALON:

Your Name:
Title of Your Piece:
Medium of Piece (song, poetry, acting, dance …):
Short description (3-4 lines) of how you and/or the piece would like to be introduced:

Please note that you will need to provide the above information in order for us to confirm your spot.

Not feeling the call to perform, but want to enjoy the evening of artistry? Participating as a witness and being part of the circle is just as important as stepping on stage. This will be a collective night where everyone will get a chance to use their voice, be witnessed and be inspired creatively.

We invite you to reserve your space for this evening, if you:

  • Want to activate your own creativity and be creatively inspired by your Sisters
  • Want to hold loving space for the expression of the feminine soul
  • Want to be nourished by an evening of feminine artistry and creative expression
  • Want to sit in Circle with an amazing Sisterhood and phenomenal group of women

We welcome you to come be an active participant in the alchemy of the evening. It will be a magical night for all!


Date: Friday, July 24th
Time: 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Where: Loft space in Santa Monica, CA. Address provided upon RSVP.
Registration: $20 online in advance. $25 at door. RSVP required.


I look forward to sharing in this beautiful evening of feminine artistry and sisterhood with you!

Much Love,

p.s. Please note that space is limited. Advance registration is recommended. To reserve your space, click here.

Hear what past attendees have said:

“Thank you so much to all of you incredible, inspiring, POWERFUL women. I’m so honored to have witnessed the magic last night and so overjoyed at being able to share my voice. I left transformed!”Delfina

“A truly Magical night with beautiful, talented, creative and supportive women. Surrender and Oneness are words that describe how I felt about the gathering. It has created a sacred opening for me to continue honoring my creativity in movement and birth pieces dear to my heart.” – Carolyn

“WOW! What a beautiful evening filled with so much love and expansion!!! Thank you all for sharing and letting me share!!! I will be back for more and more!”- Tracey


Photo courtesy of DeusXFlorida

Tabby Biddle, M.S.Ed., is a women’s rights advocate, writer and leadership coach, specializing in helping women find their voice. She is the author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller, Find Your Voice: A Woman’s Call to Action, now available in paperback. Get your copy here.